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Walk with the forest

The Kauri is known to the Maori culture as ´Te Whakaruruhau´ the great protector of the forest. ´Te Roroa´ tribe of Waipoua, considers that the legs of Tāne (the God of the forest and of the birds) are giant kauri.

Currently this long-lived tree suffers from a disease that has no cure. A microscopic fungal-like organism, called Phytophthora agathidicida (PA), infects the roots by damaging the tissues that carry nutrients and water. Research is being carried out from different organizations and measures are being taken to take care of the giant.

In the preservation process no toxic materials are used that can cause harm to the environment or our bodies. Much of my time invested in this project has been spent finding the perfect combination of materials that allow the piece to be both durable and ecological.

10% of the profits of “The Fallen Leaf” project are dedicated to the recovery of Aotearoa’s  native forest.

You can find collections of my work in the following galleries

Corban State Art Center

2 Mt Lebanon Lane
PO BOX 21 526



For more information please contact me here ,

420 Titirangi Road

PO Box 60109
Auckland 0642

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